Federal Airtight Wood Coal/ / Stove Dutchwest Vermont Castings


Federal Airtight Wood Coal/ / Stove Dutchwest Vermont Castings

Federal Airtight vermont carsting Wood Coal/Stove
with Variable Speed Blower . This stove comes with a coal kit. Now set up as wood stove. Federal Airtight was a company that produced stoves in the 70s and
80s.  This stove is
labeled Dutch West India as well. These stoves were
manufactured by Dutchwest from 1984 to 1997.

Here a link to a diagram of thoses stove: Dutchwest Federal
Airtight Stoves Diagram

Here's a link to a PDF of some of the Federal Airtight models, made under
Dutchwest: Dutchwest
Federal Airtight Manual

Many of these units prior to 1984 were made in other countries, and so U.S.
support isn't really available. The line came under control of Majestic
Fireplace but not until the 1980s. Stoves made before 1983 or so were under the
under manufacturer, which has since gone bankrupt.


One interesting tidbit with these units is that many of them could be used
for coal or wood, aka dual-fuel. The FA288CCL was a model that could handle
this, so it can give you some flexibility with fuel options.   to heat up to 11 hours at 67000 BTUs


All items are sold as found. However please ask all questions prior to and know what you are buying.








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